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Air Cooler Fan

Air Cooler Fan

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Stay Cool and Refreshed!

Experience the ultimate cooling companion with our Air Cooler Fan. Designed to bring you instant relief from the sweltering heat, this portable device is a game-changer when it comes to keeping cool and comfortable wherever you go.

Powerful Cooling Performance:

Feel the refreshing breeze with the Air Cooler Fan's powerful airflow. By simply filling the 600ml water tank with water or ice cubes, you can enhance the cooling effect and enjoy a revitalizing blast of cool air on those scorching summer days.

Adjustable Timing and Relaxing Ambiance:

Take control of your comfort with the adjustable timing function, allowing you to set the fan to operate for 1-3 hours. Plus, enjoy the soothing ambience created by the fan's built-in night light, featuring 7 adjustable colors to create a relaxing atmosphere.

Convenient and User-Friendly:

Our Air Cooler Fan is designed for easy use and portability. Its compact size fits perfectly on your desk, bedside table, or even during outdoor activities. With a simple Type-C input for charging, you can enjoy continuous cooling anytime, anywhere.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Cale Lynch
Exceeded Expectations

I am amazed at how well this unit works. This is the best cooling device I've ever seen and used that isn't home true central air conditioning or a window unit. I put an entire 16.9oz bottle of cold water in the tank. The 5 jets work great and put out a lot of mist for maximum cooling. The 6 color display options are really cool.

Joaquin Cremin
Me and my dog love it!

omg, super good, it's true, spectacular breeze, very cute, I bought it for my dogs and for me, I recommend it 100 percent

Marvin Kulas

It's perfect for my office desk and keeps me cool during those long work hours. I appreciate the sleek design and the fact that it's easy to clean.

Stuart Mayer

This portable water-cooler fan is amazing! It truly works; just as described. By adding ice cubes to the water in the water reservoir, the air expelled cools you within minutes. I like it so much, I ordered another one!

Jaclyn Sauer
Quiet fan

A convenient way to beat the summer heat. It cools the air effectively, and the option to add ice cubes for an extra chill is fantastic.